Leap Of Faith

by Dead Rebel Saints

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I feel it coming on strong like some kind of hurricane
It's got me spinning one minute and then it's gone again
It keeps on building me up enough to bring me down
And I just keep holding on until I hit the ground
My broken pieces are shattered, scattered dust in the wind
My jagged aedges like teeth are chomping at the bit
I can't begin to forgive and forget and let it go
And all my sins have stained my soul

What you do tomorrow don't concern me today
Did'n't come here to follow and I ain't here to pray
I lay down my sorrows and let go of the pain
I return what I borrowed, make my peace and take a leap of faith

Grief stricken this sickened feeling I've got inside
I'm schizophrenic and manic and man it's all the time
The self loathing and doubt loom like a shadow now
twenty five years I've been living with this I'm broken down
I keep the peace and paint my face with the disease
The mingled hues of bruises and some broken teeth
There's blood in my eyes and blood on my lips so I swish
And spit it out with the broken pieces

It's all my fault and I can't let go
And I can't stay here and I can't go home
It's a long way down and I've lost my way
And I just want out cuz I hate this place


released December 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Dead Rebel Saints Seattle, Washington

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